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Apistos by Trade Names

OK - the local shop here finally recieved a shipment of some decent, less
common Apistos, but three of them are names to which I don't have a clue:

A. "kiko"
A. pebas "purple"
A. paracas

Any clues to these would be appreciated. If it's any help, his unnamed
source is on the west coast.

He's also carrying

A. eunotus "orange fin"
A. "apache"
A. bitaeniata
A. melgar

of which I will probably get some Apaches (I include this list for Teresa
and Komoko's sake if they're interested)

And surprisingly enough, he also has some Apistogrammoides pucallpaensis.
Does anyone have any information on these to supplement the entries in
either Linke & Staeck or Mayland & Bork?

Thanks folks...


David A. Youngker

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