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RE: RO membranes

Thanx for answers.
I bought a new membrane and now... it work great again ;))))

The guy from the original membrane couldn't test only the membrane, he asked
for pre-filters too...
What's this for an idiot ? (OK, a 'biological food' shop... but R/O is
Well, the system I have is like this one http://www.ampac1.com/ap-ro3.htm
but with 2 tanks.
It's quite easy BTW with auto shut-off valve.

I noticed some black particules on the tank of the membrane (like carbon I
would guess)
Could it be coming from the carbon prefilter ?
To be sure, I exchanged the pre-filters order, so now I have: carbon,
sediment, membrane.

Do you know where I could find future membranes ?
A 35 GPD is about 100$ here in Belgium
I saw some around 60$ on the net but they don't see shipping conditions.

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> From:	Roger Vitko [SMTP:rvitko@ix.netcom.com]
> Slow production means nothing, cold water reduces production dramatically,
> at a feed of 60degrees F you will have 60% of the production at 75F  I
> suspect this is the case, of course flow emains the same so their is more
> waste, the plastic pores close up.  The real test is the hardness and
> yours
> sounds reasonable.    If you haven't changed prefilters in 6months this
> might help but a mebrane is generally good for 3years.
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> From: "Szalies Jean-Marc" <Jean-Marc.Szalies@Fluxys.Net>
> How often do you have to change your membranes ?
> How do you notice they are dead ?
> I currrently higly suspect mine...(TFM36)
> Produce twice less / day and seems to reject more then before.
> It's 1.5 years old, protected by 2 big prefilters.
> Tap water is ±850µS, eluate ±35µS
> Is there a way to "revamp" them ? Even only for few weeks ?
> It doesn't look possible to operate it 'reversed' :(
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