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Somewhat off the subject..kribensis

Hi all, I am relatively new to the list and have been lurking for some time.  I have been absorbing all the wonderful information that has been being distributed. Currently I have 4 kribensis housed in a somewhat heavily planted 20 gallon tank. All seem to be doing fine, and I have seen some promising spawing activity. (yeah!)
My question revolves around adding additional tank mates. I have been reading the archives and it seems most people barely house one pair in a 20 gallon tank. Is this due to aggression? While I have seen some chasing, it seems mostly in fun, no major outbreaks. (I have had them in this tank for almost 5 months now) I do have a 30 gallon tank that I have been attempting to set up(keep on getting other ideas, never know what I want to do). I was wondering if there were any apistos that would be compatible tankmates.
Currently my water parameters are ph 7.0, gh 8, kh 5, nitrate .25, and ammonia 0. My water temp is on average 80 degrees Farhenhite. Revoling around this posting, I was wondering if there was any breeders that were in my area, or would be willing to ship? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
Colleen (who is snowed in about 2 feet of snow!)