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Re: Somewhat off the subject..kribensis

You never said where you live :3) I recommend against adding additional
dwarf cichlids to your tank. Somebody will try to breed, someone will
die. Not good.

--- Colleen McGuire <colleem@rcn.com> wrote:
> Hi all, I am relatively new to the list and have been lurking for
> some time.  I have been absorbing all the wonderful information that
> has been being distributed. Currently I have 4 kribensis housed in a
> somewhat heavily planted 20 gallon tank. All seem to be doing fine,
> and I have seen some promising spawing activity. (yeah!)
> My question revolves around adding additional tank mates. I have been
> reading the archives and it seems most people barely house one pair
> in a 20 gallon tank. Is this due to aggression? While I have seen
> some chasing, it seems mostly in fun, no major outbreaks. (I have had
> them in this tank for almost 5 months now) I do have a 30 gallon tank
> that I have been attempting to set up(keep on getting other ideas,
> never know what I want to do). I was wondering if there were any
> apistos that would be compatible tankmates. 
> Currently my water parameters are ph 7.0, gh 8, kh 5, nitrate .25,
> and ammonia 0. My water temp is on average 80 degrees Farhenhite.
> Revoling around this posting, I was wondering if there was any
> breeders that were in my area, or would be willing to ship? Any
> assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Colleen (who is snowed in about 2 feet of snow!)

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