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Things are starting to look up:-)

I've been in quite regular touch with a guy over here who has a fish shop and is also in to Apistos:-). He's been trying for quite some time to get an importation operation going with some of the Czech breeders and the first fruits of his work are starting to come through:-).
Does anybody have any comments on the following species?
-Apistogramma bitaeniata                     
-Apistogramma hongsloi II        
-Apistogramma juruensis           
-Ap.sp. Rio Marmore              
-Lamprologus ocelatus 
-Nanochromis travestitus 
-Neolampr. brevis  
-Pelvica. taeniatus dehane  
Bitaeniata I've had before but lost them when I had a 5 day black-out, I don't think I should have any probs but I'd still like to hear any opinions.
The juruensis are not the "Black Spike" form so they should be reasonably fertile.
I've never been able to get hold of any hongsloi or Rio Mamore so I'm really looking forward to these.
The brevis are going to go with some that I've already got but I'd still be interested in any info.
The transvetitus I've had before but succumbed to an unknown illness.
I've got P. taeniatus "Wouri" and P. taeniatus "Keinke", are the dehane significantly different in any way that I should know about?

TIA for any info you guys can come up with.

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