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Re: bleaching question

I have used bleach to sterilize entire tanks (sans fish and plants), and then successfully re-established the tank with fish showing no ill effects. My method is to leave the bleach in the tank for a day, then change all the water (usually 2 to 3 times). After the last change I add a good amount of Amquel. Then I wait for a while (usually over a day). I test the tank with a "canary" fish (some specimen I can afford to lose). No problems yet, and I am assuming that this care is overdoing it.

If this technique works for glass, plastic lift tubes, gravel, rocks, and driftwood, I assume it will work for your spawning grid.


At 04:53 PM 4/16/2003, you wrote:
This isnt actually about dwarf cichlids, but I have a question, if you soak something in bleach, dry it andt hen rinse it. Is it safe to put into a fish tank? what if I put lots of declorinator in at the same time? will that deal with any left over?

This is actually my first breeding trap i constructed, using Randy's method, with some new modifications I came up wtih. (for breeding egg scatterers) It was soaked for about a 15minutes in bleach, dried while i put it together and then rinsed in really hot water for about 2minutes or whatever. Can I put it in a tank wtih declorinator and it will be fine?


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