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RE: apple snails with apisto?

There is some great information about these guys at
www.applesnail.net.  There are several species in the
squarium trade, 2 of the most common being P.bridgesi and
P.canaliculata.   Both are sold under names such as 'golden
snail', 'apple snail', and 'mystery snail'.  They do look
quite a lot a like but there's a good identification guide
on the applesnail site.

p.canaliculata is a ravenous plant eater -- they will
RAPIDLY take care of anything green in your tank,
regardless of how well fed they otherwise are. (I learned
this the hard way).

p.bridgesi is generally considered the superior aquarium
specimin because they will leave live aquarium plants alone.
They stick to more of a scavenger role, eating dead/decaying
plant matter.  I am not sure whether or not this species
would go for the eggs or fry.

Both of these species get rather large, golf ball or even
near tennis ball size.   Their population is much easier to
control than for the other common squarium 'pest' snails, as
the pomecea species lay their eggs in large conspicuous
clusters above the water line.   The only thing ultimately
wrong with using these guys with (most) apistos is that
these long lived snails will not thrive or reach maturity in
soft, acid water.  They need available calcium to build
their shells, and a constant acid environment will
eventually eat through the oldest parts of the snail's


> A few articles suggested using "Mystery Snails" instead of
> Apple Snails ... for 2 reasons:
> 1 - Mystery Snails do not eat live plant leaves whereas
> Apples will.
> 2 - Mystery Snails do not attack fry.
> At least this is what I recall reading .... this is one of
> the articles.
> http://www.jayscustomcomputers.com/wilma/
> Ken G

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