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RE: Help with ID


Off topic ... a bit .... but those a great photos .... 

What camera did you use?? 


Ken G

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Ok. I pulled the fish and put them into a 2.5,
blew them around for a few minutes with a turkey baster.
Took some pics...
Heres what I got...

This picture is the only one taken with a flash.

Notice the slight vertical banding the the claudal fin

...and the female

Any ideas? The spawn pretty easy in my 10G tank. I've
left all their broods in there with them - two successful
successive broods growing up in there. Actually, they
were so good at parenting - I tossed in some laetacara fry
since my laetacara suck as parents. They're in there growing
up too.

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The blue on the body only shows up in pictures, when looking at the fish
it's mostly a gray body with blue and red marking on the face. I'll try to
take a picture of it in fright pattern - easy enough.

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