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Live food finaly starting up...

I ordered the small fish package from www.livefoodcultures.com back a few
weeks ago, and as of tonight, my cultures
are finaly starting to mature.  My angelfish have taken nicely to the
wingless fruit flies, and the other fish that appears to
realy like them are them are black neon tetras.  It kind of surprised me how
quick they went after fruit flies.

I have heard most apisto's don't like to surface feed, so I have white
worms, and grindal worms for them.
My grindal worm culture has realy tanken off, and I hope to start feeding
those this weekend.  My
white worm cuture does not appear to be doing as well.  I have been keeping
them in the 'frig in my
fish room, and they don't appear to be mulitplying as fast as my grindals.
I have the frig set on its highest
setting, but I am still wondering if they are getting too cold.  My room
temp is normally around 75 to 80, so
it would be too warm to leave them out.

I can't wait to get my cacatuoides and the rotpuncts next week!  I am finaly
starting to feel like I am ready for
--C. Alan

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