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A. Resticulosa or what?

Hi all!
Finally joined the list after a couple of failures. But with some help from Alfredo Figueiredo I´m here. Good to know some clever people :-)
I´m new to this mailing list, so I begin with a short presentation. My name is Per Wigstal and I´m living in the north part of Sweden. I have been interested in dwarfcichlids and especially apistos for at least 25 years (!) 
Have seventeens tanks right now in sizes from 50 litre up to 550 litre. Currently keeping only a couple of apisto-species such as: A. Borelli, A. Resticulosa, A. Steindachneri and A.sp. Red point. 
I have some thoughts about the identities of my Resticulosas (czech breed). My Restis are very identical to the pictures of Resticulosa in the cichlid atlas by Romer. But the pictures on the krib and on some other sites shows pictures of a different fish which looks more like the Giesleri or Caeti in the book by Romer. 
I have also seen photos identical to my restis on a japanese site (dont remember the name on it) labelled "Resticulosa, Humaita".
Feel a bit confused about this, and would be grateful for some help.
Best regards

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