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Re: sp. "Miua" and viejita

> Your A. sp. Miuá are acting like my Miuá. Your water
conditions are not
> suitable for breeding, so they are behaving like
non-breeding Apistogramma.
> I never was successful at breeding this species. It seems
that A. sp. Miuá
> require very acid (~ pH 4!) and very soft water before
they will reproduce.
That's what Uwe Roemer told me... he mentioned 3,5.
challenging, I like it :-)
> Your female viejita may have gill parasites. I would
remove her to a
> hospital tank and treat her separately.
how would you treat it? I prefer no to mess too much with
the medicines. I used mashed garlic when I suspected
bacterial infections, but I suspect it won't help for

Thanks and regards

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