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Re: Garlic: was sp. "Miua" and viejita

> Mashed garlic against bacterial infection: that is
interesting. Does it work
> well? What about water pollution?
> sometimes simple tricks work way better than man made

learned it from an old-fashioned hobbyist. my apistos tend
to catch a few bits, spitting most of it our, but some
particles definitely are eaten. as Mike advised - mixing it
with food would be more efficient. the man, who told it to
me says he uses this method frequently, as a precaution from
bacterial infections. he feeds his fish (discus, P. scalare,
rainbowfish....) with wild caught daphne, cyclops etc, and
reduces the risk of dragging unwanted infections using
garlic. he also uses fresh horseraddish root for the same
as to water pollution - everything that lands on the bottom
is eaten by apple snails and otocinslus. also other "algae
eaters" are interested in this kind of food.

Grzegorz Prusinowski

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