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Re: temp fluctuation

Hi Mike,

My A. viejita II's breed and are raised in water that is 74 -75 °F
and so far I have yet to see a female.  That is out of several spawns
totalling over 150 fish.  But the water is only moderately soft (3 -
4 DH) and the pH is rather high at ~7.3.  I loaned out Romer's book -
when I get it back, I will have to look at the other smaller



74ºF (23º) will cause no real problem. Just remember that Römer
found that apisto fry raised at 23ºC (74ºF) turned out to produce
90% or more females. If you find that your apistos decide to breed &
give you fry, just raise the temperature in the fry tank to 27ºC
(79ºF) for about 4 - 6 weeks & the sex ratio should turn out about
equal. As for fluctuations, apistos can handle fluctuations of 10ºF
(6ºC) over a 24 hour period.

Mike Wise

Matt & Linda Crocker wrote:

     Does any know the temp fluctuation that our apisto's can
easily withstand?  I would like to turn some heaters either down or
off for the summer months.  All the tanks in the house are great
for keeping a comfortable temp in the winter months, not so good
for the summer.  Most of my tanks are 78F.  I have at present,
Inca, Hoignei, agassizii, cacatuoides, panduro, and M. ramirezi.
Would 74F be OK for everything but the rams?

> Matt

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