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Re: elizabethae spawned

Black Worms..... Oh my God.... dont say Black worms...... you'll be
banished for sure....lol

I used to use them alot.... only reason i stopped was the availability..
Anyone telling you they are bad to feed is full of B@#$hit.....
Unhealthy black worms are bad to use a food.  If you take care of your
black worms, rinse them very well each day.... store them in the fridge
and dont feed the leechs.... you NEVER will have a problem with them....
I have spawned well over 40+ species of apistos and Never had a problem
with any of them while feeding blackworms..... I actually wish i could i
get good worms in my area again.....I would love to use them again as a
conditioning food.....

Well i guess i'll get off my soap box.... But for some reason i was just
waiting to see someone pipe in and tell you have bad using blackworms
are to use......  


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