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Sneaker males?

Hi all
The term "sneaker males" or "sneaking males" is frequently used among apistophiles. But what is the true meaning of that term? I have had a discussion on a swedish forum for cichlidists about this term. And It seems that theres is two opinions about the meaning.
These are as follows:
1. A small dominated male which have the same coloration as a female. Propably the coloration is the strategical way to survive within a dominant males territory.
2. A male (of any coloration) which "sneaks in" and fertilises eggs at a spawning site. This is then a reproducing strategy.
My opinion is that the description under point 1 is widely spread and is accepted among cichlidists. 
What is your opinion? What is the correct use of the term "Sneaker male"??
Best regards/ Per

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