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Re:Crenicichla regani?

Zap Zap,
I don't know what happened to my original post.  Maybe
it will show up 
next week:)

First off pikes don't do trios.  Although you will
have to buy a group 
so that the fish will form
their own pair bonds. 

Your research should include Uwe Romer's book,
anything written by 
Frank Warzel, and Wayne Leibel at
The Cichlid Companion website, an article written by
the late Helen 
Burns, Delores Scherr, Don Zilliox, Vinny Cutty's
site; Mostly Cichlids,
The Cichlid Yearbook volume 5 or 6, Frank Warzel on
the many variations 
of Cr. Regain.

Any DATZ articles you can find.  Finally don't believe
 any of the 
stuff on the internet unless it comes from these
people  or myself.

Good Luck

Francine AKA pikette

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