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Whoo Hoo! Rotpuct Fry!!

I noticed one of my rotpuct females has been kinda yellow as of late, and today I found out why.

I saw her and about 20 free swimming fry today while I was doing my noon feeding.  The fry are pretty big,
so I suspect that they may be a week old.  IThey may have been living off the introfusia (sp?) that
has gathered in several bushy live plants that I have in the tank.  Today, I fed the tank with vinigar
eels, and I am going to pick up a piece of rigid tubing to be able to target feed a little better.

I have a somewhat poor picture of one of the fry on my website at home.bak.rr.com/alansfishroom .

I hope to have some better pictures up soon!

--C. Alan Whitten

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