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Re: Temp / sex ratio

ISBN 3-88244-056-2 (english edition, translated from german)

Is it worth it? well since this is one of the best english books on South American dwarf cichlids I would say yes, but I do not think I would buy it just for the data about sex ratio. :-)

Arild Madsen

Ghazanfar Ghori wrote:
Nope - is there an ISBN number for that? Is it worth buying?

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Subject: Re: Temp / sex ratio

Do you have romers atlas? He has some really
interesting data in there abot sex ratios. i have
found the same as John, 76 degrees usually results in
a decent ratio.


--- Ghazanfar Ghori <ghori@ghori.net> wrote:

  The pH in the spawning tank and growout tank are
both around 6.9-7.1. The
   batch I raised was at the same pH, with temps in
the low 80's. That one
turned out
   to be all female. It's really annoying! What
really determines the sex -
the temp & pH
   at time of fertilization or the pH/temp in the
growout tank?

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Subject: Re: Temp / sex ratio

Try to raise the fish in 75-76 F water temps...
I've found that this seems to work best for most

of my apistos to give

me decent sex ratios.
also depends on the pH of your water too!!
I've found very acid water with a high temp gave

me mostly males... One

summer, one of my grow out tanks yeilded 44 Males

and 3 females , Temps

due to summer conditions were in the upper 80s and

the tank had very low

pH, somewhere under 6 , i cant remember to be

exact. Yet another tank

in cooler weather yeilded 96 females and 4

males.... So im not sure

what really caused my extreme ratio's.... I never

did check the pH on

that tank that gave me mostly females..... Funny

part was, i had NO

problems selling all those females..... i thought

for sure i was going

to have to use them to feed my Oscar pair at the



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