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Re: Easier Apistos To Start With - Suggestions

Hi Mike

As far as "easy" apistos..... they can all be tough, depends on the
pair, your set up, water conditions... foods.. alot of things.

I personally find Panduro, Nijsenni, Cacatuoides, Borellii, MacMasteri
.... all to be among the "not so difficult" fish.  I've always had good
luck with them...   I have found the Pertensis group.... Trifasciata
types....to be among the harder to get to spawn.....  but then each has
their nemesis fish....    How every you choose..... just pick a fish
you'll enjoy..... when ppl think they're gonna spawn a fish and make
tons of money on the fry... that never seems to work....   and always
ends up being disappointing when the fish dont work out just like you
wanted them too.....    

What ever you do..... have fun at the auction.   I swear those things
are more addicting then the fish are.....  Bid away!!!!   Bring home
some nice fish and have a good time.

Tundra Johnny ....... yes its cold in the adirondacks again..... snowy
and 29F right now!

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