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problem with the list/the krib

I hate spam.
But I now receive spam on my professional Email.
Which is not listed anywhere on the net.

Except that google find all my posts on the list, like:

Can't you protect our Emails ???
I would really appreciate (even if it might already be too late as I already
receive spams...)

an easy way to do this would be to search and replace
Jean-Marc.Szalies@Fluxys.Net by dontdisturbJean-Marc.Szalies@Fluxys.Net or
something like this.
But something should be done for the future posts too.

I have nothing against publicising the posts, just protect the Email


This e-mail and any attachments thereto may contain information which is
confidential and/or protected by intellectual property rights and are
intended for the sole use of the recipient(s) named above.Any use of the
information contained herein (including, but not limited to, total or
partial reproduction, communication or distribution in any form) by persons
other than the designated recipient(s) is prohibited.Any liability for the
correct and complete transmission of the information or for any delay or
interruption of the transmission or for damages arising from the use of
reliance of the information shall be disclaimed.If you have received this
e-mail in error, please notify the sender either by telephone or by e-mail
and delete the material from any computer.
Thank you for your cooperation

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