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Re: Looking for Apistogramma Aggassizzi Tefe

hey thanks for the information Vito. It is important that we specialize. I 
think it is good that we do not all think alike. I think there are benefits for 
all here. On the one hand conserving the wild stocks and supporting project 
piaba is a wonderfull endeavor. Many Apisto folks will want to adhere to that 
and perhaps we can call them purists. I see a need for this and I also work with 
wild fish. However on the flip side we must not ignore that Apistos are 
becoming "fancy" or better put we are developing new and exciting color varities. 
A.cacatoudies gold, triple red, sunset , sunburst etc etc I think most casual 
hobbyists and many non apisto folks will be attrcated to these. Also for the 
serious breeder it opens up the possability of working with a fish for several 
years and meeting breeding goals and getting much rewards from our hard work. 
Honestly wild apistos are more work they die often after months of looking 
fine. I have dissceted many many apistos and no matter what quarantine protocols 
you use i feel we cannever say with 100% assurity they are clean. On the 
otherhand wild apistos are especialy easy to breed. After a long hardship they seem 
jump back well and breed, probably because this may resemble what happens in 
the wild after the dry season is over. Also i feel wild apistos do not compare 
with line bred Apistos from Europe not just in color but desease resistance 
and what I like to call domesticated apistos. Because they are not shy they swim 
out in the open and eat right in front of you . as we all know we have to 
plant heavily our tanks for wild apistos. Anyway i think we have reasons to do 
both and we should have some purists but with the advent of all these fancy 
lines of apistos I think most of the excitment and popularity will come from the 
so called fancy or line bred apistos from Europe. It would in fact be nice if 
we american breeders can begin to not just try and breed our fish or be 
collectors but  that we start working seriously with our fish. I hope this starts a 
good discussion. have a nice weekend all.


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