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couple questions

Hi All,


A friend of mine was offered a 55gal tank and asked me about a good
beginner's book. I've been keeping fish for the last 20 years but only 6 in
the US so I do not know of a good book to advise to him. Any suggestions?


My 2nd question concerns cyanobacteria. I have some growing in two 75 gal
tanks. I let my tanks unattended while I was gone for 10 days and that is
how they appeared. I am not for using products but despite weekly removal
and bi-weekly water changes they are still in. I am careful about feeding,
plant detritus monitoring... and therefore there is low OM in the tank.
Erythromycin is supposed to do the job. Would someone know where I could get
some (that is more than 10 tablets like what you find in stores) at a
reasonable price? Also, are there other products that can be used
(kanamycin, other.?). 


Thanks all,

Have  a great week


Yvan Alleau



Oregon State University
450 SE Atwood Avenue

College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences/
Corvallis, OR 97333

Hatfield Marine Science Center

2030 SE Marine Science Drive

Newport, OR 97365



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