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Re: Re: "biotope project"

>I have a 450 liter Paraguay bassin biotope with A. borellii and A. trifasciata (some Argentinian F1s which I was able to get from a French breeder).

Sounds great. Got any description, photos or diary?

>Unfortunatly the link does not work anymore but I can send the pdf file if anybody wants. I also used another studys of the same region to try to match both water parameters and aquatic plants.

Please, send the pdf to my private address.

>The biotope project is going ok but the tank is doomed with algae :-( However, the apistos are breeding like rabbits. I am working with a very low conductivity but I expect to move it up a bit since it is dry season now there. The problem is actualy to move temp down to low 20s/upper teens Celsius because it is Summer here.

Did you think of switching them to local seasons order? I know it's not the same, but it would be a lot easier.



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