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RE: RE Bloodworms - (Was Altispinosas and Rams)

Toado wrote (in part):

>Then again the only frozen bloodworm I can get come from Hong Kong- Great 
>food but I'm suspicious, comments anyone?.

I don't know about what exactly you are getting from Hong Kong, but you can 
easily tell the difference between bloodworms (which are midge larvae) and 
tubifex worms.  Tubifex worms, up close, look like worms.  Bloodworms look 
more like insect larvae, they have a somewhat hard looking outer skin, 
which appears segmented, and they have small appendages at one end.  I 
have'nt looked close at them recently, so I don't know how better to 
explain these appendages.  If you get these live, you can further tell the 
difference, as tubifex move like worms (sort of in a sinuous manner), 
bloodworms move somewhat more like mosquito larvae, in a jerky, twitchy 

I have never heard of anyone having problems with fish being fed 
bloodworms, though one must still expect some risk as they are cultured in 
fresh water, and therefore, can carry any number of freshwater-based 

Another risk with bloodworms that people must be aware of is that they can 
cause a serious allergic reaction in PEOPLE that are sensitive.  Bloodworms 
are the only thing I have ever come in contact with that I am allergic to, 
and let me tell you, I've got it bad.  Over the years (and I have not used 
it in about 5 years), I have become so sensitive to them that coming in 
contact with tank water days after feed them will cause skin irritation. 
 Worse yet, I can tell when my favorite store has fed bloodworms to their 
stock within the day.  After about 15 minutes of looking at tanks, I start 
wheezing and my chest constricts - all from what little must be floating 
around in the air!

I have seen an article from an allergy specialist that confirms this 
allergen, and further suggests that this allergen is closely related to 
that of dust mites.  So if you know you are allergic to one, be careful 
with the other.  (I apparently don't have the dust mite problem - yet).

As for tubifex and/or blackworms - I never feed mine to anything but 
corydoras cats, which do not seem to be affected by any of the potential 
nasties that the worms can carry.

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