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Toado wrote: 
>Tom Mroz wrote:
>> I don't know about what exactly you are getting from Hong Kong, but you
>Neither do I <g>. They're not tubifex but after defrosting they don't
>look much like the bloodworm I can collect in the wild, or what you

After multiple horror stories about *frozen* bloodworms over the past couple 
of years, I have become pretty leery of them. San Francisco Bay Brand 
(Sally's) and (I think) Hikari freeze them only if they are alive at the time 
of freezing. Bacterial bloom is extremely fast in dead bloodworms, and many of 
the SE Asia sources let them lie around decaying before freezing.

Following the advice of those who have experienced the problems, I use only 
the two brands mentioned, and only if they have not obviously thawed and 

>> As for tubifex and/or blackworms - I never feed mine to anything but
>> corydoras cats, which do not seem to be affected by any of the potential  
nasties that the worms can carry.

They are *very* sensitive to the bacteria in bad bloodworms, for I first 
learned of the problem from a breeder who specializes in Corys.

>Corys must be tougher than I thought. Must buy some <g>.

Naaah! Tubifex and Black Worms carry no known fish pathogens, according to a 
famous veterinary pathologist, but my experience is that feeding them produces 
so much active waste the problems are usually due to water-quality degrading 
from inadequate changes. Corys may tolerate that a bit better. The fish catch 
anything around if they are stressed enough. That's my $0.02.

>I've read apisto's and cory's are a volatile mix -with the cory's ending
>up floating. I've been too concerned by this to actually try. First hand
>experience anyone?.


Apistos have a tough time raising a brood if there are Corys in the tank. When 
they sleep, the Corys steal the eggs or even eat the babies. Not a good mix, 
IMHO, but I never saw any damage to the Corys. Using a night light only helps, 
but stresses the Apistos for lack of sleep. Cory's are like felines and can 
hunt at night, dozing during the day.



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