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Re: Corys & Apistos

On Fri, 7 Mar 1997, Pete Johnson wrote:

> >I've read apisto's and cory's are a volatile mix -with the cory's ending
> >up floating. I've been too concerned by this to actually try. First hand
> >experience anyone?.
> I keep dwarf corys with A. agazzizi and A. gibbiceps without incident. 
> I've also heard someone warn about this -- along with Otocinclus sp. -- 
> but my experience so far does not support the warning. Some of the 
> nastier Apistos such as nijsseni and pandurini might be a problem.

I have kept corys with half a dozen different Apistogramma species as will
as with Laetacara, Cleithacara (keyholes), Pelvicachromis, and angelfish.
The corys were never harmed. I have had corys injured or killed by some
other larger or less peaceful cichlids. My concern with Apistos is that
the corys, being nocturnal, might get to the Apisto eggs at night. I know
I have had Apistos spawn in tanks with corys on at least three occasions,
but the eggs never lasted long enough to hatch. So I wouldn't worry about
keeping corys in tanks where I was _maintaining_ Apistos, but I think I
will keep them out of tanks where I am trying to _breed_ Apistos. 

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