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njisseni aggro

Hi all,
	I've been following this thread with interest, and a question has occurred to 
me. Personally, I've found njisseni and pandurini (especially the latter) to be pretty 
rowdy in relation to most other apistos. The exception is cacatuoides, who have 
surprised me a few times. I have juruensis, but only males, from the cacatuoides 
complex, and I have no patterns to report there. But is it the cacatuoides complex we're 
touching on here, or just the njisseni/pandurini corner of it?
	Certainly, other than occasional nastiness from geisleri, the apistos I've kept 
from other complexes have been pretty relaxed characters in comparison with the 
cactuoides/njisseni group. I've had peaceful, and rough njisseni, timid and perfectly 
brazen pandurini, so even within species, there's variation among individual fish. 
Still, it borders on a pattern for me. Any comments out there?
	Gary (Mtl)

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