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Re: njisseni aggro

>  I've had peaceful, and rough njisseni, timid and perfectly brazen
>  pandurini, so even within species, there's variation among individual
>  fish.  Still, it borders on a pattern for me. Any comments out there?

Well, with 3 seperate pairs of wild caughts with mixed sources, I'm really
thinking that there might be something to the environment/parameters that
people are keeping there fish in, rather than a common behavior.

As to your comparison of species, the A. njisseni are described as being of
the macmasteri complex and for certain the A. macmasteri that I have are
extremely timid.

The most aggression that I've viewed in apistos is with A. standachneri
and that too was largely associated with other apistos that were in the
same tank (A. viejita).  


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