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On Tue, 11 Mar 1997 mengerin@cs.utexas.edu wrote:
> Well, the only premise I'm challenging is the one that the exception is
> that they are peaceful.  I would like more input from others who keep
> njisseni.  I've got wild caught pairs and like I said, in a variety of
> environments from a 10g toa 55g tank I've seen little to no aggression
> with other species.  

We have a trio of nijsseni.  Right now, each is in its own tank because of
their agressive nature.  First, we kept them all in a 20long with lots of
bogwood and pots to hide in.  The male beat up the sub-dominant female so
often we could never see her, so out she went.  He continued to beat up on
the dominant female on a regular basis until they spawned.  At this point,
the female near took his head off, and we had to move him out.  That's
about the worst I've seen in Apistogramma so far. :)

  - Erik

Erik D. Olson					         amazingly, at home

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