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Aggression and pet-like behaviour


The recent thread on apistos and their different levels of meanness 
brings up an interesting question.

Is there a correlation between pugnaciousness and puppy-dog pet 
qualities? I'm beginning to think there may be.

Betta splendens, long selected for flaring/fighting tendencies, are 
about as pet-like as fish ever tend to get.

My Bettas rarely require a net, swimming to my hand for transfer from 
jug to jug, etc. They know me and always greet me when I walk by.

The "peaceful Bettas" (i.e., so-called wild species) are very reclusive 
and uninteresting in much of their behaviour. Downright boring.

Is the behaviour of different Apisto species similarly correlated? It's 
beginning to sound like it, here.

Maybe I should trade in my agassizi. :^)



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