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Re: njisseni aggro

On Tue, 11 Mar 1997, lisa wrischnik wrote:

> Hello,
> Matthew says:
> >
> >As to your comparison of species, the A. njisseni are described as being of
> >the macmasteri complex and for certain the A. macmasteri that I have are
> >extremely timid.
> I thought the nijsseni complex was likely derived from the cacatuoides
> complex (Kathy, help me here! I can't remember my Aqualog flow chart,
> either).


You're right.  The classification schemes have undergone several 
revisions recently.

In the 1980's the nijsseni were in their own complex and there was debate 
about norberti being a bridging species between cacatuoides and nijsseni 

Now in the 1990's the latest is that the nijsseni are a group (or as the 
Germans say...a subcomplex) in the cacatuoides complex.  (so they are a 
subset of the cacatuoides complex)

I am not aware of any literature that places them in the macmasteri group 
but perhaps this is an earlier classification than the 1980-present 
literature that I have seen.

I really like the suggestion about the aggressiveness of this complex.  I 
think it is a great idea, and will definitely collect any data on it that 
I can find and do my own research.  Any one else out there have any 
comparisions to make on the behavior of cacatuoides, nijsseni and norberti?


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