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I have a four A. Nijsseni that do not exhibit anywhere near the
aggressiveness of that exhibited by the A. Cacatuoides that I have.  My A.
Cacatuoides male tormented one female whose spawn failed to hatch so badly
that the fish died even after being quarantined.  My A. Nijsseni group
includes 1 male and three females that appear to co-habitate nicely. These
fish have spent a large amount of time in a planted community tank that
included a breeding trio of M. Altispinosus, two large SAE's, a small group
of cory's and a few cardinals.  The nijsseni have never appeared to be a
threat to any of these other fish although they do not appear to be afraid
of any of the other fish either.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to induce the Njisenni to spawn?
 One of the females spawned with a different male about eight months ago,
but since replacing that male . . . nothing!

Ed Chappee

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