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Re: njisseni aggro

>> Matthew says:
>>>As to your comparison of species, the A. njisseni are described as being of
>>>the macmasteri complex and for certain the A. macmasteri that I have are
>>>extremely timid.

Kathy writes:

> I am not aware of any literature that places them in the macmasteri group 
> but perhaps this is an earlier classification than the 1980-present 
> literature that I have seen.

Bad Matthew bad.  Yes, I put misinformation out there.  I humbly retract
the part about the macmasteri complex.

I reread Linke & Staeck's book talking about complexes & A. njisseni.  They
say that the njisseni are close to the cacatuoides group, but not really
a part of it.  

I was confused due to a reference in the section specifically about the
njisseni which puts A. macmasteri down as one of the closest in similarity
to the njisseni.

A bit confusing.

				My apologies,

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