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Re: njisseni aggro (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 07:00:57 -0800
From: SanfordD@liberty.issaquah.wednet.edu
To: kk691111@bcm.tmc.edu
Subject: Re: njisseni aggro

Hi,  my nijsseni female keeps the male away from the fry, but she
is always beating up the white cloud dithers in spite of the fact 
that they stay up at the surface.    My pandurini male was very
aggressive at first, enough that i was very conserned about the female
but when i put 3 young cacatuoides in as dithers he went after them
and kept them up at the surface (which they were very unhappy about)

Kathy, i can't sent mail to outside addresses at the moment, but
it seems that i can reply so if you want to forward this snippet to
the group i woun't be totally incommunicado.

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