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Re: breeding experience with Apistogramma species


Hi, we have some A sp "Schwarsaum", they are in a 15 gal tank, heavily 
planted with anubius, bulbitus, water sprite, and java moss.  The pH is 
6.8-7.0,  the temperature 78-80, mostly 78.  With 1 degree hardness.  
These guys spawn regularly and we have had 5 batches of fry.  There are 
two females and one male in the tank, quite often the females will steal 
each others fry, and both usually spawn within a day of each other.

We feed them, flake (daily), alternating with baby brine, and adult 
brine.  (usually do two feedings a day).  They have been fun fish to play 
with.  Good luck.  We have found them pretty hardy.

Thanks for the tips on where to find A. regani, I have been looking for 
those guys for years!!


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