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Re: breeding experience with Apistogramma species

Phillip J Ryti writes:

>But currently I'm working with A. bitaeniata, A. regani, and A. sp. 
>"Schwrarzaum" that do not seem to want to spawn. All of the fish are wild 
>caught except for the sp. "Schrwarzaum". I recently have been using adult 
>brine to perk up their interest but nothing yet. The PH in the 3 tanks is 
>at 7.0. Hardness is about 14ppm. Temp is at 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep feeding live food, lower your pH a bit -- 6.5 would be better, 6.0 
better yet -- and do lots of water changes. I've found bitaeniata pretty 
easy to spawn in water about as soft as yours, pH 6.2 or so, temperature 
about 78 degrees.

Since you've bred nijsseni, you've succeeded with at least one 
acid-loving fish, so I'm sure you can manage lower pH values.

Experiment by adding a few dither fish -- neons, cardinals or pencilfish. 
This sometimes helps. And provide lots of cover and caves.

If you continue to strike out, it might not be your fault. Some 
individuals just won't cooperate.

Where did you find A. regani? I believe this is an extremely rare import.

When you fish upon a star / You might catch an astral gar

Pete Johnson  /  San Jose, CA  /  petej@wordsanddeeds.com

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