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Re: breeding experience with Apistogramma species

Since several people asked, I'll post what I've got, including prices, to 
the list. Quantities on all Apistos are very limited, but I have 
quantities of Laetacara sp. buckelkopf and quite a few Anomalochromis 
thomasi (a really pretty and docile softwater African cichlid). I'm now 
raising lots of small fry, but not much is yet saleable size. Here's 
what's big enough to send:

Apistogramma macmasteri        $6
Apistogramma resticulosa       $6
Anomalochromis thomasi         $4
Laetacara sp. buckelkopf       $4

I have many little A. nijsseni which are almost big enough to ship, but 
they'd need live baby brine at your end, and they're still pretty small 
(about 3/8"). My price on those is $8.

Most of these fish are F1 or close, and they're all of excellent quality, 
raised on live baby brine shrimp with frequent water changes. I always 
get compliments on my fish at local auctions and from the dealers to whom 
I sell.

Shipping runs about $35. I don't charge extra for packing or boxes. All 
orders are prepaid and I guarantee live delivery.

If anyone is seriously interested, send me email.

In a couple of months, when my current Apisto fry have grown out a bit 
I'll post an update.

        If wishes were fishes we'd all have ponds

Pete Johnson  /  San Jose, CA  /  petej@wordsanddeeds.com

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