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Long Tanks& Apisto Aggression

Thanks guys(gender free term?) for the great stuff on cories & apistos!.
I just glued up that long tank I mentioned planning a while back.
My local glaziers had some second hand "shop-plate" to build it with.
This stuff (made for retail frontages apparently) comes in extra large
lengths, is extra thick and 'toughened'. Being recycled it was also
Now I have 8.5x1.5x1.5ft of further work ;).

The consensus on apisto aggression seems to be that the A.cacatuoides
/njisseni group are the most aggro little buggers. I'm mollified now
over the lack of njisseni locally. Are borellis amongst the most
suitable (re aggro) for a multi-male community?. 

Hoping my order of borelli's was damn lucky,

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