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Re: breeding experience with Apistogramma species

When I called Anchor Bay, I learned that they had only a few A. regani 
left, and what was left was already allocated to other buyers. They had a 
few other species in stock, the most interesting of which to me was A. 
meinckeni (sp?), but I'm not ready to stock up on those quite yet. Regani 
was a severe temptation, but there are so many Apistos and so little 

David Soares is going to Germany at the end of this month and will return 
in early April with some interesting fish, including some dwarf pike 
cichlids (Crenicichla regani, in particular). I've been anxiously seeking 
Laetacara sp. orangeflossen, and he's located a pair for me. He'll 
probably also turn up one or more Apisto species to make our books 
obsolete once again.

Last month was a banner breeding month for my fish. Parents are now 
raising small clutches of A. sp. pandurini and A. bitaeniata (and one 
*enormous* clutch of Laetacara sp. buckelkopf) and I'm hand raising close 
to 100 A. steindachneri fry, produced by a beautiful but untrustworty 
pair. I also have slightly older batches of A. nijsseni, Anomalochromis 
thomasi, Laetacara sp. buckelkopf and Pelvicachromis affin pulcher.

When you fish upon a star / You might catch an astral gar

Pete Johnson  /  San Jose, CA  /  petej@wordsanddeeds.com

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