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RE: Reverse Osmosis Units

Anybody going to be in the Buffalo area soon and looking for Apistos?  I 
just came back from one of the (good) local stores, and can report an 
historic number of Apisto species currently available at retail.  The list 

A. agassizi "double red" and "blue"
A. cacatuoides "red" (double red) and "orange" (orange flame)
A. nijsseni
A. borellii
A. sp. Opal (I think these are nearly gone)
A. sp. 4-stripe (marked as A. sp.)
A. steindachneri
A. viejita (looks like color form I)
A. macmasteri
A. trifasciata (few)

Additionally, he has C. punctulata and filamentosa (few), Pelvicachromis 
taeniatus (kienki and another yellow form), as well as a whole bunch of 
other goodies in the corydoras, tetras (african tetras!), rainbowfish, etc. 

The apistos were mostly all in good shape.  The orange flame had just 
spawned - I was able to talk the guy into giving me the eggs as he was not 
going to hatch them.

This is not an advertisement - rather an FYI for anyone in the area - so 
e-mail me if you want the store name.

Also, I got a peak at some new fish that just came in to their holding 
area.  They had not been able to identify them - they were supposed to be 
A. hippolytae.  There were some hippolytae in there, but most of the fish 
were gibbiceps, and nice ones at that!  It sounded like those would make it 
to retail by the weekend.

Apparently, about half of the above fish are coming in from breeders 
outside of the area, so they should be available to any retail store.  If 
your local store does not carry what you want - ask!