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Reverse Osmosis Redux

Thanks to all who have responded to this thread.

Now I have some more newbie questions about the nuts and bolts of running
such a unit; I hope you will bear with me if they seem obtuse.

Does the gpd number refer to the output of processed water or to the
pre-R/O'ed water?  (The point of this is to ask what size unit would be 
best for, say, biweekly water changes for a 20 gal. and a 45?)

How and where does one set up an R/O unit?  I understand that there needs
to be a water source (!), but do you also need a large holding unit of
some kind?  (The R/O units in the catalogues look basically like a pair of
scuba tanks, so I assume that when they say something like 24 gals. a day
that the unit itself doesn't hold that water.)

Household approval for such a unit will depend less on "How much will it
cost?" than on "Where will you put it?," "Will it be in the way?," and "I
won't have to look at it, will I?"  :-)