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Re: Reverse Osmosis Redux


The gpd-number is output of processed (RO) water. The waste
is at least twice that for good, affordable RO-units for
aquatic purposes (mine wastes approx. 2.5 times the produced
amount of purified water, it's still quite new).

The membranes are destoyed by hot (>40 C, 100F) so it's best to
connect the unit to the cold water. This will reduce output but
that's better than destroying the expensive membrane.

Since I live in an apartment I have a temporary set up which is
quite cheap and easily returned to how it looked before me and my
tanks. Just make sure that the connection allows you to get maximum
pressure to the unit.

Changing 25% weekly in your tanks (if you only use RO-water) requires
that you can store 16 gallons/week. If you change water in the tanks at
different occasions you may only need a large bucket...