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Re: Reverse Osmosis Redux -Reply

At 09:57 AM 4/29/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Waste water just means non-R/O water, right?  I seem to
>recall someone used the waste water for other tanks.  It
>might have been for African cichlids as I recall the message
>said that the waste water was hard.

>If that's correct, then you could set up 6 African tanks to
>every Apisto tank <bg>.

Well, sort of. Here in Sacramento, tap water is about 240ppm so with a 6:1
unit transfering
a theoretical 100% of tds, the waste water would only be around 280ppm, not
exactly African
Rift Lake conditions. Now the unit my girlfriend and I have (yep, from Ron
Harlan) has an
attachment that brings the waste down to a 3:1 ration, but even at that our
waste stream is
only 320ppm.

The other thing that is tricky to deal with is that for 85 gpd of RO water,
there's over
250 gpd of NON-RO water. Good thing we adapt our fry over to hard water
fairly early!
\/ dj