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Re: new partisipent

I had 2 Bolivian rams, 2 wild caught Blue rams, and 4 angels in a 70 gal. and
when the Bolivian's spawned I had to remove the angels within three days because
they were harassing the new parents. After moving them out I have had virtually
no loss in fry numbers.

Tim Ellis

a muir wrote:

> To all Apisto Fans,it will be a honour to be involved in conversation
> with breeders of this delightful species.
> My methods of keeping and breeding this species of ,are a bit different
> to a great deal of the experts.
> I keep and breed 4 out of 7species of Apisto with Pairs of Angels, who
> also have fry, and I have never had any problems as for 4yrs
> Could anyone tell me if they have ever tried this method ?
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