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Re: Angels and Apistos

Brown, Victoria: TMI wrote:
> >Sure, Vicky, if the Apistos are not valued.  They are too shy too eat
> under
> >the pressure a pair of angels would apply in a tank that small, and too
> small
> >to put up with the physical hammering they would take every time one of
> the
> >fry got a half inch  closer to them than mom and dad are comfortable
> with.
> >And if the Apistos spawned also in a tank that size, they will not yield
> as
> >quickly as necessary for their safety.
> >Bob Dixon
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
BoB is correct in his info, you will require a suitable size tank for to
hold a pair of Angels, and if you are intenting to place Dwarfs in the
same tank, and you will have to place plenty of cover for the Dwarfs
My tanks are 36" long by 12" high and 18" wide, their is approx 10 clay
pots including broken, the Angels have 2 pieces of slate, the Dwarfs 
ie Agassizi cover the tank up to a area of 16", with the amount of pots
this gives cover for the fry,
But all I can say is if you fell that other advice has put you off do
not try it.
All the experts have seem to have shot me down, but I will continue to
breed in this fashion, and will continue to apply success