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Re: Angels and Apistos

angelmuir writes:

<< My tanks are 36" long by 12" high and 18" wide, their is approx 10 clay
> pots including broken, the Angels have 2 pieces of slate, the Dwarfs 
> ie Agassizi cover the tank up to a area of 16", with the amount of pots
> this gives cover for the fry,
> But all I can say is if you fell that other advice has put you off do
> not try it.
> All the experts have seem to have shot me down, but I will continue to
> breed in this fashion, and will continue to apply success >>

I'm not trying to shoot you down, but Vicky is talking 20 gallons.  At a base
of 30x12, a 20-long has 360 square inches of floor.  Yours has over 600 square
inches.  This makes all the difference.
I suspect, though, that your angels are fairly young.  A tank only 12 inches
deep witn a decent substrate will not leave enough room for them to be
comfortable as they reach "Senior Status".  It can affect their health over
time.  I hope you will be saving some of the money their fry generate to get
them a tank at least 18 to 20 inches deep.
Just MHO.