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Re: Angels and Apistos

Hello, A. Muir, and Victoria, and Bob

I would like to ask questions and make a couple of comments.  One is how many
gallons does that tank hold which is 36"x12"x18"  by my calculations it is 
4 and 1/2 cu.ft.  But how many gallons?  Comment:  How do the angels cope
with the shallowness of the tank.  I gather it is only 12" high!?  When I
think of 
a 20 gal. tank I picture a 20 long or 20 tall.  The dimensions make a great 
deal of difference for these tanks.  The standard 20 long is (I believe) 12" 
in height and 12" in depth and is either 30" or 36" long.  While a 20 gal.
is (again I believe) 24" x 18" x 12" which is tall but the bottom area
be adequate for for a group of Apistos & Angels.   The 20 long gives a nice 
comfortable bottom area for a group of dwarfs but it might crowd things and
be somewhat shallow to comfortably house the Angels.  I agree in any case a
deal of cover should be available for the Apistos.  Now if the tank bottom 
area is 36" x 18", I feel that would be spacious accomodations for the
Apistos and possibly the angels with adequate cover, but if the Angels are
wouldn't a height of only 12" be just a little shallow for them? 

At 07:35 PM 3/6/98 -0800, you wrote:


>> >And if the Apistos spawned also in a tank that size, they will not yield
>> as
>> >quickly as necessary for their safety.
>> >Bob Dixon
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------

>BoB is correct in his info, you will require a suitable size tank for to
>hold a pair of Angels, and if you are intenting to place Dwarfs in the
>same tank, and you will have to place plenty of cover for the Dwarfs
>My tanks are 36" long by 12" high and 18" wide, their is approx 10 clay
>pots including broken, the Angels have 2 pieces of slate, the Dwarfs 
>ie Agassizi cover the tank up to a area of 16", with the amount of pots
>this gives cover for the fry,
>But all I can say is if you fell that other advice has put you off do
>not try it.
>All the experts have seem to have shot me down, but I will continue to
>breed in this fashion, and will continue to apply success

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