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Re: Altaspinosa Fry

>How about large brine shrimp for the adults? I've been told they have very
>nutritional value. They sure do like em! I have also been giving them frozen
>blood worms. Do you know much about the live worms I've been hearing
>worms?, black worms?)
>I am giving the fry baby brine shrimp, but the adults seem to ignore it. Taking
>the tank size in to consideration(70 gallon) are there any other apisto's that
>might feel at home enough in there that would be worth trying to breed? Or do I
>need to start another tank? I would like to try some other ones.
Sorry Tim, but Darren didn't write that email, I did. Kaycy.

First off, I have had no problems feeding live tubifex worms to any of my
fish and I have been doing it for over 10 years. I hear what is said out
there as well. As yet, I haven't tried any of the white worms or black
worms. I give the adults the frozen large brine once in a great while
because most of the nutrition is gone. I, myself, don't have my breeders
with other fish except for my Kribs. All other breeders are housed in their
own tanks without dithers either. Very boring I guess for them, but I get my
best results that way. As far as apisto's in with the altispinosas, you
could put them in with each other. The altispinosas aren't as aggressive as
some of the apistos can be. It all depends on your taste.