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Re: Apistogramma Iniridae

I maintained mine at a pH of 7 with no problem.The low pH is required for
breeding and not for maintenance. Over pH 5- no viability of eggs. Peat is
an excellent buffer, and does a great job with not only lowering and
maintaining a steady pH but adds tannin and humic asicds to the water-
simulates the natural water conditions of blackwater streams. Try to get
the Eheim brand peat, a favorite of mine for 10 years. Be careful not to
use pure r.o.- can be unstable. Good luck!
- - Steve
>I am real sure this shop does not treat the water they use in their tanks with
>anything more than a de-clor, maybe even knock the edge off the ph a
>little( the
>water here in austin sucks). Would it be safe to assume that introducing this
>fish into a 6.5 very soft water tank would be benificial to them. I'm sure the
>tank they are in is 7.2 at the lowest. Or would this shock them too much? I am
>really hesitant to try and achieve a ph of 5. The reason being is I've
>warned to
>stay away from peat because of the impending anerobic condition that
>occurs when
>peat breaks down. I am currently using pure R.O. water and doctoring it just a
>bit to meet my needs. Any thoughts?
>Tim Ellis wrote:
>> I found a couple of these at one of our lfs the other day. After a
>> little research I found out they were wild caught in Venezuela about a
>> year ago. Does anyone know of, or about this fish? Are they common or
>> rare(worth buying). Are they harem spawners?
>> Which leads me to another question. What does a harem consist of, and
>> how many are needed for successful breeding?
>> Thanks,
>> Tim
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