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Re: Apistogramma Iniridae

Tim writes:

<< Would it be safe to assume that introducing this
> fish into a 6.5 very soft water tank would be benificial to them. I'm sure
> tank they are in is 7.2 at the lowest. Or would this shock them too much? 

It is unlikely to hurt them.  The safest route is considered to be placing
them in a tank you are willing to lower the pH in, then dropping it about .2
per day.

>I am really hesitant to try and achieve a ph of 5. The reason being is I've
warned to
> stay away from peat because of the impending anerobic condition that occurs
>when peat breaks down. >>

Place the peat moss (be sure it is sphagnum) in a nylon ankle sock and stuff
it into a box filter.  Let the peat do its work, and replace every four to six
months.  The peat won't begin to rot in that time.  The value of the kind of
water parameters peat establishes is almost as great as high quality food.